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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Whether your business has 1,500 square feet of tile or natural stone or 130,000 square feet of carpet, you have an enormous investment in the initial cost of keeping it clean. The need to take care of your investment becomes clear as you start to witness premature wear and aging throughout your property. Here at Affordable Carpet Care (a Flagstaff Commercial Carpet Cleaning company) we happen to be the authority in restoring and maintaining your commercial business’s flooring.

Our Take on Budget and Time Frame

We have been recognized as the expert in the top three most sought out restoration procedures. Affordable Carpet Cleaning will select the best fit for your business or company; explain the benefits and tailor a program that maximizes your flooring maintenance budget.

We currently maintain several businesses in Flagstaff and no matter the size of your commercial company, we promise to look at your project providing honest, sound and intelligent advice.

A Note to Our Customers

Our customers have always required something else from Affordable Carpet Care in Flagstaff (as they should). They’ve asked for and been given, choice. The choice that best serves their individual companies circumstances. We promise that no system we utilize will ever compromise your standards from our results or, more importantly, our relationship. We Constantly Educate Our Employees and search for better ways to meet our clients goals, while (at the same time) providing the best results possible in any given situation.

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