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Affordable Carpet Care in Flagstaff would like to let you know some reasons why you should take better care of your carpets. Cleaning carpets in Flagstaff is usually a task we leave for pre-spring or the holiday seasons. Sadly your carpets need a much more stringent system of care than just once or twice a year.

Your Risks of Dirty Carpet

Dust can gather, it's not a secret, especially here in Arizona. The dust can foster numerous possibilities for mites and bacteria. Just like your skin, carpets are made up of epidermis layers of fibers, knitted together and covered by various compositions of heavy hair like fibers... and just like our skin, Your Carpet Requires Constant Washing, brushing, and special lotions/cleansers to keep it healthy and alive.

Results of carpet neglect (especially in a very dry climate like Arizona) can be very hazardous to your health. Dust mites, mold, and other dangerous bacteria are often the cause of numerous respiratory illnesses and rashes.

The more severe health problems are respiratory in nature. Dust is the main trigger of asthma attacks in children. While some children are not as vulnerable, most (if not all) use the carpet as their playground. This can and will open them up to asthma stimulators while crawling or laying on carpets.

Steps to Follow for a Healthier Carpet

  • Aerate your carpet or rug at least twice a month. If you live in an apartment building and this option isn't quite available, use a strong carpet beater or carpet steamer.
  • Vacuum your carpets at least once a week!
  • Call a Flagstaff Carpet Cleaning service or professional at least twice a year

Remember that cleaning your carpet is the best way to ensure the health of you and your family. Affordable Carpet Care in Flagstaff uses the latest in carpet cleaning technological equipment which helps get rid of the majority of health hazards within your home or office.

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