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Here at Affordable Carpet Care we know that ceramic is the most commonly used type of flooring for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas. This is because it doesn't absorb water and dirt like a carpet would. On the downside... it can be quite a challenge to keep clean and beautiful, particularly the grout lines.

Cleaning the tile and grout can keep your floors looking like new, but the chances of the same happening to the grout itself is quite slim. This is because the grout has tiny pores that can allow for dirt, debris, or other contaminants to become caught beneath the surface. This in turn can't be removed by just sweeping or mopping.

What is the Grout?

The grout is (most often) a thin plaster used to fill in the cracks in masonry. Having a ceramic tile... the grout lines happen to be the hardest part to keep clean and unsullied, and if not given proper cleaning care and keeping them maintained, these grout areas can begin to disintegrate causing damage to your indoor or outdoor flooring. To prevent this we advise to have a tile and grout cleaning every 6 months.

We have to admit that tile and grout cleaning can be a very problematic job. You most likely, to prolong the life of your floor and make certain your tile and grout are taken care of, is to hire a Flagstaff Tile & Grout Cleaning company that will do the job beautifully.

Why choose Us?

We have a set of well-trained professional Flagstaff Tile & Grout Cleaners that can can clean and even restore your grout lines back to their original state by employing the use of the latest equipment and technology that has been tested to beat even the nastiest tile grout.

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